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Sex is not a public policy issue

GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum. (photo/

Recently, Rick Santorum, in an interview, made a statement of one of his policy positions if he becomes President.

“One of the things I will talk about that no president has talked about before is I think the dangers of contraception in this country, the whole sexual libertine idea... It's not okay because it's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. They're supposed to be within marriage, for purposes that are, yes, conjugal... but also procreative.”

Sex is obviously not a public policy issue. Its intents should be left to those participating in it. Plus, the word conjugal demonstrates where his intent comes from. If it wasn’t already obvious, it's religion.

Conjugal is something invented by the Church. It means sex is done with the intent of creating a life with a connection to Christ.

With this, I see much worse crackdowns on social issues that should be left alone and ignorance to economic issues that need addressed. Let’s look at some things he covered and others that, due to the relation of this topic would, be under re.

One of the things he mentioned are contraceptives' effect on the sex act. He sees them as a danger in the country. He claims it enforces the idea of rampant sexuality, which will destroy marriage and marriage sexuality. Plus, with it,
people will do all that freaky sex
that is improper and incorrect.

Now how much gall do you have to have to say what is improper in relation to sexuality? He is an individual who thinks he has the authority to deem what is correct in sexuality. No one has the right to decide that.

Also, to say contraceptives
are wrong is completely stupid. Contraceptives have protected people from unwanted pregnancies and prevented STDs from spreading rampantly. Well- done Santorum. If you were to enact any policy related to this, it could cause a rampant spread of STDs.

Santorum is also completely against abortions, though, most agree that abortions should be permitted to save the mother’s life in the event of complications. If Santorum got his way, abortions would be illegal and result in the death of the mother and developing child.

Rick Santorum is the GOP trumpeter of social issues, yet I have heard nothing about his economic policies. This is during an era when the economy is the most important issue.

As Santorum surges through the polls, Mitt Romney seems to be losing his steam.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Santorum gets the Republican nod. So if this happens, I ask people to think about Santorum long and hard.

This man thinks he knows how you should be having sex. He claims you’re not allowed to have sex if you’re homosexual. He says women can’t have an abortion
to save their life. Not only are his views
a distraction from the economy, they are dangerous to America.

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