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Are celebrities idolized too much?

An audience at a Justin Bieber concert. (photo/

Alas, celebrity-famed disease, Bieber Fever, among others, has nally settled down within the population.

With the recent Grammy nominations, I realized how much I personally, among many others, idolize celebrities. I am a victim of following celebrities in magazines, Twitter, Facebook or “Entertainment Tonight.” It is often a lifetime goal of mine to meet a famous celebrity or be able to get his or her autograph.

Celebs are role models for tons of people. Some people go to the extremes with
these role models. For example, having “Bieber Fever” over Justin Bieber, may be a little overboard. The average person goes through so much effort to know exactly what Brad Pitt or Kate Hudson is doing at every second in their life.

This is where it comes into question, are celebrities idolized too much? Is it too much that fans can follow every single move of famous athletes or actors? Some people follow celebrities more than their own religion or faith nowadays.

Has celebrity idolization gone
too far as to
have sections in magazines such
as “Stars, they’re just like US"? For example, US Weekly Magazine always
has a reminisce of stars being just like us. It portrays celebs shopping for shoes or taking out the trash, simple things every average person does.

The thing I don’t understand with celebrities is that most celebs are not like the average person. Most celebs make tons of money.

They do not have
to worry about
driving anywhere
because they are shuttled in humongous limousines. Celebs first-class, if not on their private jet. They have a luxurious mansion, and some can afford multiple houses throughout the world. Celebrities don’t have to worry about shopping at the clearance rack or waiting in a long line.

All of these examples set a wrong impression to the rest of the “Average Joes.”

With this, oftentimes as young children, we have famous role models. As the celebrities grow up, they may not make the right choices.

It seems weird to me that when the rest of the world is watching your every move, celebrities are shown for their unpleasant discoveries, such as drug trafficking. This may be a cause of something else. Do celebrities get caught up in the fame and paparazzi? Is it too much that Bieber Fever is all around, and Justin Bieber has a hard time handling the pressure of being too famous?

Though I am also gullible for being caught up in celebrity breaking news nearly daily, it makes me wonder: Are celebrities idolized too much in today’s society? Are we all caught up in Bieber Fever?

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