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Columnist analyzes new 'Voice' contestants

"The Voice' started its second week with another batch of very talented singers and some very excited judges.

The first contestant, Sarah Golden, after facing much controversy about her looks, decided to try her luck with just her voice. Cee Lo and Blake turned around for this,
as Blake put it, “honest sounding” woman. Her voice was a mix of country twang and a little bit of everything else. She picked Cee Lo for a coach, which seemed like a surprising choice at first, but I think Cee Lo will know how to work with her voice and really expand her talents.

Erin Willett’s strong, proud voice would have been a perfect voice for Cee Lo, but, interestingly, Blake was the only judge to turn around. He based his decision not only on Erin’s voice, but also on the crowd’s reaction, and she promised she would love being on his team. This is one contestant the other judges really missed out on, because she definitely has the voice to go far with this competition.

Katrina Parker battled a mold-triggered illness that kept her from singing for two years. She came back with a strong start on “The Voice.” Adam was the only judge to turn around for the voice that reminded me a bit of Adele, but sultrier and smokier. Adam picked her, despite her nervous moments, because she was different, and I definitely agree with him.

Geoff McBride’s soulful, Motown vocals elicited responses from Christina and Cee Lo. Geoff reminded me most of Cee Lo’s style, but he picked Christina, who he can still do well with. He was Christina’s first pick of the night.

Erin Martin, who used to be a print model, despite making a big visual statement
with her out t, was very glad the judges wouldn’t be able to see her before they heard her. Speaking of hearing her, my first reaction was “What?” Her voice sounded,

to me, like an old woman who had at one point been a decent singer, but now was just quiet and warble-like. The judges loved her, but only Blake and Cee Lo turned around. Blake described her voice as “so cool.” Erin chose Cee Lo, which was definitely a better choice for her than Blake, despite Cee Lo’s creepy advances on her. My bet for her is that she won’t last very long, but then again, I didn’t think the judges would pick her in the first place either.

James Massone was ready to get out of his family’s mechanic shop by using his voice, which had a strong resemblance to Bruno Mars, until he hit his fabulous falsetto. All the judges except Adam turned around, and James ended up picking Cee Lo, who was definitely a good choice. He will be a huge help to James during this competition, and will—hopefully—take him far.

Chris Cauley blew me away immediately, but it took him a lot longer to convince the judges. Finally, Cee Lo and Adam hit their buttons. He has such incredible control over his voice that there’s no way he’ll leave the show early, especially with Adam as his coach.

Bryan Fuente was another “wow” for me with his incredible rocker voice. I had yet another “wow” moment when Blake chose Bryan for his team. In fact, Blake surprised me a lot with his choices. He seemed to just be pushing for team members, not caring that his expertise is in country, not rock, R&B, soul or anything else he tried to pick up. His team will certainly be interesting to watch this season!

Moses Stone became “The Voice’s” first rap artist when he impressed Christina enough to turn around for him.

Nathan Parrett, yet another hopeful rock star, chose team Adam. He seems to think Pip will be his biggest competition on this show since they both have experience in high school musicals but don’t have quite the typical musical theater voices.

Jordis Unga, the show’s nal performer of the night, started off with the right note and didn’t hit a wrong one throughout her whole song. Blake, Christina and Cee Lo all turned around for this rocker, but she ended up picking Blake’s team.

Don’t forget to tune in to “The Voice” next Monday at 8p.m. And make sure you tell the newspaper your opinion on who should be 2012's "Voice!"

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