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Feminism 101

Women are diverse; times to start recognizing. (photo cred/usa today)

Women are diverse; times to start recognizing. (photo cred/usa today)

Women are diverse; times to start recognizing. (photo cred/usa today)

It is something you do not think about. Football is usually a man’s sport, right? It makes sense that boys would be interested in football and girls would be interested in Barbie’s?


In this day and age, it is no longer acceptable to put women in a small box of expectations. Women are not just limited to the home or “pink collared jobs”. Women have the choice to be whatever they want to be whether that is a doctor, coach or football players. Some women know more about sports then some men and that is okay. Just because you are a man does not mean you must know everything about sports. Just because you are a woman does not mean you must know everything about makeup. I do not know anything about makeup and I am a woman.

To demean other women and condescend them when it comes to “male” things should be a thing of the past. I know women who know more about Cam Newton than some men. To designate something as “just for women” is demeaning. It is like having a class that is called “Cooking and Cleaning For Women.” That is not acceptable so why is “Football for Women”? I can remember the reaction of the women around me when that email circulated. Women who had played football all their lives scoffed at the email. Amber Doubrava, a P2, said; “I grew up playing football and know a lot about the sport.”

Texas A&M University had a scandal that was related to this. The university had a “Chalk Talk” which was basically “Football for Women” lecture. They opened up with a slide that contained a “song” “We are putting down our dish towels and taking off our gloves. No more Lysol or Cascade.” Did those coaches really think that was okay to put on a presentation? The following slides got worse and worse.

While trying to educate, the coaches put innuendos into the presentation. For example, while talking about the dos for run blocking, the instructions were “Spread your legs. Enter-front/Not-behind. Push Hard. Finish On top.” In what world is that okay to say that to women? That is not humor, it is not funny in any context. Grown men put this on a slide that being presented to college women. I wonder how that made the women feel. Did they find it funny or did they suddenly feel demeaned and were nothing more than sexual objects for men to drool over? Maybe some found it funny but I did not. I read the slides out loud to my defense friends who immediately fell on the defense. Is this okay to tell women things like this? Is it okay to tell anyone this?

Make it “Football 101” or “Football for Dummies”. Do not exclude a certain gender or group because of gender roles. The world is a diverse place and it is time to start recognizing it. It is time to start recognizing women as diverse people. They all do not like makeup and dolls. Recognize that we are all different. 

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