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Tunes on the Tundra gave way to an explosive performance by Asher Roth

Roth holding up one of the signs made for him, while the girls invited on stage stand behind him (Northern Review photo/Dana Zechar)

Roth holding up one of the signs made for him, while the girls invited on stage stand behind him (Northern Review photo/Dana Zechar)

Since starting up again, Tunes on the Tundra, hosted by Ohio Northern University's Student Senate, recently kicked off its second concert on September 30 featuring Asher Roth as the main act.

More than 250 tickets were sold, but arguably about half of the buyers were present at the concert. Students waited patiently as a DJ opened for the show and played a few songs. His job was to get the crowd excited for Roth’s upcoming performance.

Although the audience was not as big as last year’s Tunes on the Tundra, it was an enthusiastic crowd. Two students even showed up with handmade signs, with one displaying Roth’s face.

As soon as Roth walked on the stage, the audience went crazy. When he started performing his first song, Asher made it clear that this was not going to be the average concert.

Before that, Roth opened the concert with the joke: “Global warming is real, save the polar bears!” This got a big laugh from the audience as many were not expecting the quip.

During the start of the first song, Roth jumped over the railing separating the stage and the crowd to interact with the audience as he performed. Fans were able to take videos of the rapper and dance with him as he made his way through the crowd. He even switched hats with fifth-year pharmacy student Christina Corbean.

All throughout the show, the rapper invited people from the audience on stage to sing with him. Towards the end of the show, he invited many girls to dance on the stage, while starting a soul train for the remaining people in the crowd.

Roth also encouraged people to stage dive into the audience, and hinted later that he himself would be diving. Two students courageously trusted the audience as they propelled themselves off of the stage. What could have turned disastrous, turned out to be a good story to tell for these students.

Finally it was time for Roth to dive into the audience during his last song. As he jumped, the left side of the crowd caught him and carried him through the audience as he rapped.

To say the show was filled with energy was an understatement, but there was some cause for concern before the concert.

During the 2016 spring semester, students were sent a list of possible acts to vote on who would perform at the next Tunes on the Tundra. Asher Roth was not on the voting list. This made some students very unhappy when they heard who was chosen.

I didn’t go because he wasn’t even on the list of choices. What was the point of voting, if it didn’t count anyway? Not only that, but I don’t even know one song by him," said junior accounting student Ja’Nessa Burnett.

Student Senate Vice-President and fourth-year pharmacy student Tyler Davis explained why Roth was picked.

When we did our survey in the spring, we had seven artists, and Asher Roth was not one of them. But when we got the survey results, we pursued each artist on the list, knocking them out one-by-one. The only issues that we were running into were the cost changing from the time we sent the survey to when we tried to book them. So Asher Roth was the one who fit our budget the best.”

While Roth may not have been the students’ ideal choice, he still put on a lively show that everyone enjoyed.

As of now, Tunes on the Tundra will continue to occur annually, while trying to meet the students' demands of a popular artist.

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