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Ohio Northern University presents 'Opera Workshop'

Opera Workshop cast performing in the finale (Photo Credit Cheyenne Shadewald)

When people think of opera their first thought goes to a lady wearing a Viking hat with braids in her hair. But the reality is far from that, in some cases. Operas are necessarily a type of musical. So for those who love musicals, and who doesn’t love Rock of Ages, you are essentially enjoying an opera. So when Ohio Northern University is putting on their annual Opera Workshop Performance, who would not want to go and see the talented students perform?

On Sunday, October 23, ONU presented an Opera Workshop Performance. The performance was held at the Snyder Recital Hall in Presser Hall.  This year’s performances featured music from Don Giovanni arias, La Clemenza di Tito, Le Nozze di Figaro, Windsor and West Side Story.

Opera Workshop is a performance put on by the Ohio Northern University music department every semester. After auditioning, students from Ohio Northern University are selected and start working on their assigned pieces. They practice their musical selection and once memorizing of lines is complete, the musicians begin the choreography and staging the music.  After weeks of preparation the students take the stage and show off all their hard work.

 For the four performers this year, it is their last time partaking in the fall edition of Opera Workshop. For one student in particular, this final performance is bitter sweet. Samantha Loomis is a senior music performance major from Warren, Ohio. Three years ago she began her journey at Ohio Northern University as a music education major.  By the end of her sophomore year she decided to focus more on the vocal aspect of music, and changed her major to music performance.   Over the past three years Opera Workshop has taught Loomis about staging and getting into the character she is portraying.

 “I also have been lucky enough to choreograph some sort of piece in every opera workshop performance I have been part of” said Loomis.

Now, after three years at Ohio Northern University, Loomis is looking towards her future. Recently she has been preparing for graduate school auditions to further her studies in voice pedagogy with hopes of becoming a private vocal instructor down the road. For now though, she is taking it one day at a time and enjoying the first of many lasts.  When talking about the upcoming Opera Workshop performance Loomis stated: 

“This performance means a lot to me because this will actually be my last opera workshop performance since next semester opera workshop is being replaced by Pirated of Penzance.”

This year’s Opera Workshop was very well done with many different performances. The combination of comedy through the music and the attire made for an amazing show that the audience could not get enough of.  After weeks of practices the performers were very pleased with how the show turned out. 

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