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Finals Time Blues

What better way to de-stress than to hang out with your best friends (Photo/ Devan Bianco)

Tis’ the season when professors are handing out their last assignments and students are ripping their hair out due to the stresses of finals that are vastly approaching. In one week the tundra will be bare and the library and various other academic buildings will be full of students cramming in every word that was spoken to them over the course of the semester. Although studying for finals is torture with Christmas break only three weeks away there are a few ways to add some Holiday cheer into some study breaks that will help with those devastating finals time blues that we all suffer from.

One of the best activities I find that help to de-stress me is simply taking a walk. Whether it is to get food or just a stroll around the green monster, I can always count on some fresh air to help clear my head. Sometimes I put on some of my personal favorite tunes and sing along. Getting out and taking a walk is just an easy way to get away from all of the assignments and drama that come with the end of the semester.

Another way to get rid of those finals time blues is to volunteer somewhere. During this time of year, there are many organizations looking for people to put in some time. Whether it be going to a nursing home and visiting with some of their residents or going to an animal shelter to enjoy the company of some furry friends. By locating a place to volunteer it will help get one away from their studies while doing some good for their community. 

For those who just need a little time to escape all of the textbooks and power points sitting down with a couple of friends, feast on a good pizza and watch a movie is just what the doctor orders. Watching a movie is always a great distraction, but adding some friends into the mix will add extra laughs and will give you someone to relate to during these finals time blues.

The final weeks of a semester are tough for all students no matter what major. But as we enter into dead week attempt to keep your head up, study hard and remember to give yourself a break.  Taking time away from studying is relaxing and will help keep your body healthy during these finals time blues.  

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