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Faculty spotlight: Dylan Wood blends business with the arts

For nearly two years Dylan Wood has worked as the Operations Manager for the Freed Center (Photo/Trevor Jones)

For nearly two years Dylan Wood has worked as the Operations Manager for the Freed Center (Photo/Trevor Jones)

After graduating and earning his master's degree in arts, Dylan Wood has remained a promising and passionate individual for Ohio Northern’s Freed Center for the Performing Arts.  Most impressively, Wood has aspired to continue the tradition of not only supporting students in the arts, but to provide them with educational values. 

As the Operations Manager for the Freed Center, Wood does a variety of things for the building, including developing contracts for headliner performers, communicating with administrative staff, and making sure all arrangements for the show transition smoothly. From making lodging arrangements, making transportation and dining arrangements for performers, Wood must maintain a variety of skills for his job.

“I love that my job is very dynamic. Every day brings me something different. That in itself can be incredibly challenging, but it keeps me on my toes,” Wood said. 

For one-and-a-half years, Wood has worked as the Operations Manager for Freed. Working with administrators and students is a common task for Wood. Additionally, Wood is able to work with students in a variety of areas, such as the box office, allowing them to gain interaction and communications skills. Wood also serves as the head of the Arts Administrative Program, which teaches and advises students, as well as evaluating the outcomes of the program.

However, even before he became the Operations Manager, Wood was a dedicated and passionate student at ONU. 

As a lover for music and orchestra, Wood studied the arts at ONU. Eventually, after working in the theatrical arts, he became passionate with it, all while being consistent with performing music. One peculiar area of study Wood finds fascinating is financial management. After taking an accounting class at ONU and enjoying it, he began to focus on the business side of the arts, specifically how it works as a whole. 

I get to support the arts in a way that is completely necessary: you need somebody to run the organization. I enjoy working on the business side of the arts; it allows me to use very different skill sets," Wood said. 

After going to the University of Kentucky for graduate school, Wood returned to ONU to work with students, helping them reach their goals. What makes his job worthwhile is knowing he impacts his students.  One of Wood’s favorite memories involves a student thanking him for all his work, wishing him a good summer.

I learned at that moment I was truly making a difference in the lives of students-and that is what makes my job at ONU so rewarding." 

Wood remains passionate with his job and stays in tune with music; he often plays with the ONU Symphony Orchestra, and has performed several musical pieces. 

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