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What's in your backpack?: A day in the life of a double major college student

A look inside Megan Kennedy's book bag. (photo/Megan Kennedy)

A look inside Megan Kennedy's book bag. (photo/Megan Kennedy)

When sophomore Megan Kennedy came to Ohio Northern University, she thought she had one major pinned and her goals planned out. However, once she started taking classes, Kennedy had discovered something about herself. She had come in, majoring in graphic design but would soon change to adding another degree to her course load--marketing. She eventually later added a minor in entrepreneurship.

When I came in, I realized that I liked the business side of the graphic design better. I also wanted to be more marketable so I decided to major in both,” Kennedy said.

A minor in entrepreneurship would make her more versatile and Kennedy said she has always dreamed of opening her own business.

Kennedy’s day starts out with a class called Narrative Structures. This class teaches students how to tell a story through a graphic or poster, something important to all Department of Art & Design students. After the hour-and-twenty-minute class, she takes a short break and goes to McIntosh Center to nibble on some toast. The next class Megan has is her Introduction to Public Relations course, in which she learns about the importance and history of public relations.

At noon, Kennedy walks over to Dukes Memorial for her Introduction to Literature class, which teaches her to analyze texts and how to communicate through writing.

Kennedy enjoys her Tuesdays and Thursdays schedules because she only has one class on those days--accounting. She doesn’t necessarily enjoy the class but recognizes the importance of the material.

When she's not studying or attending classes, Kennedy works at the ONU Phone-A-Thon where she makes calls to alumni asking for them to donate back to the school. She also has a second job at Red Lobster, which she enjoys because she loves seafood.

While she hopes that the skills she is learning will help her land a job once she graduates, Kennedy is confident that she will be a well-rounded applicant. Not only does she know the creative side of herself, she also knows the business side of things. Even though she has a large workload with the double major and minor, Kennedy knows her hard work will pay off. 

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