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Student Senate 2017: A new attitude

Student Senate President Drew Goehmann and Vice President Mary Komandt begin their term in office with enthusiasm and plans for positive changes (photo/ONU Student Senate).

ONU Student Senate President Drew Goehmann and Vice President Mary Komandt come into the head office of student government at Ohio Northern University with a desire to best serve students and make Senate as relevant to students as possible.

In the first weeks of their term, Goehmann and Komandt want to focus on “the student activities fee that’s going to be implemented next year, part of that will go to Student Senate. The idea of that is that we can do more for the students,“ said Goehmann. This increase will raise the “cut-off” Senate has in providing funds to student groups.

We’re going to try and make people excited about Senate again.  Get more of the community involved in our events and other organizations events," Komandt said. 

Goehmann wants to motivate and incentivize the members of Senate into being active, while also looking into ways to keep them accountable. Komandt has a focus on using students' feedback to bring out things that need to be changed and get them on the Senate floor for solutions.

Part of the new administration’s plan is to employ a cycle of surveys once a month. During the first week, a survey for an issue would be sent out. Then in the second week there will be face-to-face time at during “A Second with Senate," an event in which Senate members will gather at the Mac Tables after spring break to organize a survey that will be sent out to students. In the third week of the cycle, the administration will create goals and solutions. Students will share their gatherings on the Senate floor during the fourth week.  

These surveys will involve topics the administration plans to be involved in, including the budget increase, the dining renovations and general things about dining and the 'Tunes on the Tundra' concert.

The cabinet selected by Goehmann and Komandt was deliberately filled to put the best people in the position for Student Senate even if it was not their top choice. Thirty applications were received for only 18 slots. Most of these students either had a Senate background or were familiar in some way with the organization.

For example, Daniel Ehrenberg, the dining secretary, will be involved in using the campus voice for the betterment of dining at ONU. Derek Price is the new secretary of forum; his experience being involved in many facets of campus life will help in his goal of interacting more with the student community. He will be involved in the survey rotation to gauge students' opinions on pending issues.

We are expecting a lot from our cabinet this year. We want them to work together and we want them to really make Senate important again,”  Komandt expressed.

Goehmann and Komandt looked for people who had the passion and time to drive Senate forward in a positive way. 

One of the best ways to contact Student Senate is through the email,, which will be sent right to Goehmann and Komandt. Students can also go to their Facebook for upcoming events and programs. 

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