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What's in your backpack?: A day in the life of a business major

Freshman business management student Luke Peterson shares his backpack with the Northern Review staff (Northern Review photo/Via D'Agostino).

Freshman business management student Luke Peterson shares his backpack with the Northern Review staff (Northern Review photo/Via D'Agostino).

The things you choose to carry around with you say a lot about your personality and your major. When it comes to packing his book bag for the day, business management student Luke Peterson knows how to keep it light. Peterson is currently enrolled in 15 credit hours at Ohio Northern University, and he chose his major because of the diverse job market.

I never really knew what I wanted to do when I grew up,” he said. “So I figured business was a good way to start.”

His day begins with Introduction to Sociology, and he usually longboards to class because it is faster than walking and more convenient than biking. In Peterson’s backpack are all of the things he will need throughout the course of the day: pens and pencils, his laptop and charging cables, textbooks, glasses, a TI-84 calculator, a single, five-subject notebook, a multi-tool, post-it notes, an emergency first-aid kit (you never knew when you might take a tumble while boarding), and a pocket copy of the United States Constitution.

“I think it’s important that you have a copy of it [the Constitution], and if we’re going to be having some conversations about constitutionality, I think it’s good to have a hard reference,” he said.

Peterson’s favorite class, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Business Ethics.

“I like the discussions we have,” he said. “We have really in-depth talks about things that matter, ethical issues. Things that we’ll face in the business world, most likely.”

Aside from boarding around campus, Peterson is also a member of both Student Planning Committee (SPC) and Alpha Phi Omega (APO), ONU’s service fraternity. He keeps his backpack light and well-organized, and always has everything he might need over the course of the day.

When asked why, he answered, “It’s exactly that: it’s light and well-organized. I know where everything is; I don’t have to have any questions about where things are.”

This organizational practice demonstrates Peterson’s ability to plan ahead and his determination to achieve academic excellence.

The contents of your backpack reveal quite a bit about who you are as a person, what type of student you might be, and even gives a sneak-peek into your psychology. So, what’s in your backpack?

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