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Missing C-Store has been found

The sign at the White Bear Inn. Photo/ONU's website

There was once a time when the residents of Affinity Village and ONU's campus would flock to the C-Store, whether it was to pick up a quick snack or to use their meal swipe for the day. Thursdays were the best days, for not only was it the last day of the week the C-Store was open, but also the day that the shelves were restocked with everyone's favorite purchases.

However, most returning students--except for freshman, transfer and exchange students--were flabbergasted when the C-Store was no longer in Affinity.

For those of you who are still panicking and haven't heard yet, the C-Store still exists. It has simply joined forces with White Bear, and the two now share the same space in the McIntosh Center. 

Terri Mathis, general manager of dining services, says that the move to White Bear was, "to extend hours." 

"Like last semester, students are not able to use meal swipes on C-Store items. The good news for students is that we now allow meal swipes to be used at White Bear Inn from 1:30 pm until close everyday," says Mathis. 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get boxes of cereal at the new C-Store location, but White Bear now has new items, such as sushi, pasta and wings! Candy and drinks from the C-Store were still able to make the list.

That solves the mystery of the missing C-Store, but on a different note, did you know that the C-Store is also referred to as the Bear Necessities Store? Weird, huh?

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