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Is Rapidly Updated News Distracting Us From Our Education?

Our mobile devices are just one way the media can change so rapidly. We now have the added distraction of having the news in the palm of our hands. (photo/file)

Life in Ada, Ohio has its fair share of excitement; however, we are always looking outward to other communities. As an academic community, we are constantly in need of relevant news, not just from our small town, but from all over the world to help us learn and grow.

The news has transformed from a daily newspaper to a constantly refreshing media cycle. There is an ever-changing rapid development of stories that fill our screens and show up on our phones through social media.

But is the constant overturn of headlines becoming a distraction from the stories which we should be reflecting on?

Students can get overwhelmed when trying to keep up with this continuously refreshing cycle; although, they often rely on the news to provide direction in the classroom while guiding their thoughts. Otherwise, they can feel out of sync with the rest of the world.

According to an article published by Psychology Today, people lose their attention to an event after the first time they hear about it. The article explains the constant and rapid shift in headlines resulting in people’s desire for exciting, new stories, but this is distracting us from the stories that should keep our attention.

"With the hurricanes coming, I have family in Florida and Texas, so, it concerns me,” freshman Drew Staczek said. “It's distracting for sure."

Recently, the nation had poured support toward Texas due to the Hurricane Harvey flooding. The tragedy had been the focus for all journalists for several weeks. Harvey was considered the event of a lifetime for some reporters, making national news headlines for weeks.

For a moment, news headlines focused on Hurricane Harvey, but before we could reflect on Harvey, Hurricane Irma entered the spotlight. Now, the media has all but forgotten the tragedy that was Hurricane Harvey and now turns toward other newsworthy stories.

As an educational community, we need to take a step back and learn from the important stories that are crossing the front pages of the news. Instead of glancing over headlines, take the time to read an article thoroughly. If we are to learn, we need to reflect on the stories that matter.

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