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What's in the backpack of a senior mechanical engineering major?

Mechanical Engineering senior Allison Hudson relies on the common necessities to help her through her busy days (Photo/NR/Dominic Turnea).

What's in Your Backpack? Senior Allison Hudson Answers the Question!

Mechanical Engineering senior Allison Hudson relies on the common necessities to help her through her busy days (Photo/NR/Dominic Turnea).

For mechanical engineering senior Allison Hudson, a backpack is essential for carrying the resources that will help her complete her degree at Ohio Northern University. As a member of the Joint Engineering Council, Phi Sigma Rho, the Society of Women Engineers, and several other organizations, Hudson travels to and from the classroom and meeting rooms, relying on her efficient backpack. 

What does one find in Allison Hudson’s backpack? It’s quite simple: anything you would expect of a hard-working college student. Within Hudson’s backpack sits the materials for her classes, which consist of textbooks, and notebooks for Process of Design, Finite Element Analysis, Discreet Math, and Engineering Analysis.  Finally, there can always be a trusty graphing calculator found inside Hudson’s backpack as well.  Hudson enjoys all of her classes not only because of the chance to enhance her skills as an engineer, but because of her classmates and professors. 

“I’ve always liked math and science, and was encouraged to do something in those.  I like the people in the department, and it helps make the classes better,” said Hudson. 

The backpack Hudson wears is destined to last for a long time. When Hudson started packing her car for the new semester, she noticed that her old backpack was getting holes on the bottom.  Now, her newest backpack is guaranteed to hold all of her textbooks, notebooks, and most importantly, her daily planner. With the daily planner, Hudson can easily remember times, group meeting locations, and of course, homework and project due dates. 

Hudson’s schedule is much different than the ones in her past semesters at Northern. Instead of her classes going from 9-3 p.m., Hudson now usually has an hour or so in between classes. During those times, one can find Hudson in lab working on an assignment. 

“When I don’t have class, most of my friends do. Instead of leaving the (Engineering) building, I try to do my best and get done what needs to be done,” said Hudson. 

Hudson aspires to graduate successfully from ONU, and pursue a job in the math or science field. As of right now, she remains persistent and dedicated to her degree, working towards a greater future, one backpack at a time. 

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