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Joining Polar Bear Nation

Just another polar bear in a pharmaceutical world. (Photo provided by Michelle Grush/ taken by Kristal Grush)


Remember back to your Junior year of High School, a time when people began asking you what you wanted to do with the rest of your life, a time when you had to start thinking about it. For some, this time was only two years ago. For others, it seems like a lifetime ago.

A fifth-year pharmacy major, Michelle Grush, has been at Ohio Northern University for the last four years. Being in her fifth year at the Raabe College of Pharmacy she understands what stresses college brings, but she can still recall what it was like to make the choice and polar bear up.

 I knew that I wanted to into pharmacy school, but what stood out for me was the straight admission into the pharmacy program,” stated Michelle Grush.

She went on to describe that being able to have that direct admission into pharmacy made Ohio Northern University stand out among the rest of the colleges that she looked into going to. 

After making her list of schools that she was interested in Grush, started to dive into the extracurricular offered at Ohio Northern University. “I knew that I wanted to join Greek Life so when I saw that Ohio Northern had it, I knew that I had to visit,” stated Michelle Grush.

When she visited the campus she told me she fell in love, “Not having the best food wasn’t a problem, I am not a picky eater! But once I walked onto the Tundra that spring I knew that this was where I wanted to go.”

Now in her fifth year, she stills that she has made the right choice. She joined Greek Life and has been “surviving” pharmacy school, as she stated. When I asked her if she had any advice for any student looking into colleges she stated, “Don’t procrastinate and stay organized!” 

Picking what college to attend is one of the biggest choices any teenager has to make. It’s four years of your life, and as some people say it’s the best four years. 

I do still like it here, I feel that I made the right choice! I wish that I could change the location of Ada since there isn’t really anything to do. But when it comes to the school, there is nothing that I would change,” stated Michelle Grush.


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