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4 Years of Memories, 30 Years to Forget, 1 Weekend to Remember

Lorrie Bianco smiling through the memories of the 80s with a collage of photos displayed at Kinghorn during the alumni tailgate lunch. (photo/Devan Bianco)

Homecoming, a time when alumni travel back to polar bear country and reflect on the old times. To help them remember their “college days” several alumni even revisit their favorite spot on campus, allowing them to reminisce what was and what currently is.

Lorrie “Campbell” Bianco was an alumnus from the class of 1987, who was celebrating her 30 years out of college. Although many of her classmates that she personally knew were not able to make it back for Homecoming, it didn’t stop Bianco from reflecting back on the memories that were made 30 years ago.

"The tundra was always the place to be. There was always something going on. I can remember one weekend in either April or May during my freshmen year, on a Saturday night they had a big celebration called Tunes on the Tundra and afterwards played “Rocky Horror Picture Show." It was great way to meet other freshmen and upperclassman while celebrating the end of the school year.”

30 years ago the Ohio Northern University was a different place. Fraternity circle was alive and people were always walking around. Bianco stated, “On hot days people who go and jump into the fraternity circle pond then we would lay out. The tundra was never empty.” Bianco even recalled that during her four years on campus, Ohio Northern would have Tunes on the Tundra. The most memorable of the bands that she saw was called 1964, a Beetles like band.

The weekend was overall a success, according to Bianco. Although her close friends didn’t make it back to celebrate, she was able to make new memories, “I met my husband when I started teaching after college. I would always talk about Ohio Northern University, but he never fully understood. I think being here today, I am able to share my memories with him and even create some new ones while we were here.”

Now living in Michigan with her husband and their cat and dog, Bianco is further away from her college friends, but that doesn’t stop them from keeping in touch. With the help of Facebook, they are able to talk to each other and stay up to date on the latest happenings in each other’s lives.

Although alumni know that they can never go back to the glory days of college, Homecoming weekend allows them to glance through the window of the past. Ohio Northern University may change and update their campus, but that doesn’t stop the alumni, 

"Coming back to campus is always interesting. Having both my girls attend Ohio Northern University, it has allowed me to watch the campus change and evolve. And even to this day, I am still proud to call myself a Polar Bear.” 


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