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Breaking the Bank

The winners of the Up to Us Trivia game showing off there prize and their knowledge of the National Debt. (photo/ Joe Dunay)

"Being in the business college, I understand the importance of needing to know about the national debt. By participating in the ONU Up to Us trivia night I was able to learn more about the national debt in a fun interactive way," stated Joe French, member of the winning team at Up to Us trivia night.

Up to Us is a national campaign that strives to bring awareness to college students about the National Debt. Their goal is to make the millennial age group aware of the debt and how the actions of the nation can affect it. By educating the millennials, Up to Us hopes that in the future they can solve the issues around National Debt.

Up to us is a national movement of student activists who have reached more than 100,000 people in efforts to raise awareness about the national debt,” stated Joe Dunay, social media coordinator of Ohio Northern University’s Up to Us campaign.

Counting pennies, playing trivia, beating pig piñatas and playing bingo are all ways the students leading the Ohio Northern University’s Up to Us Campaign hope to spread awareness of the National Debt campus-wide. The first event was a trivia style event that allowed participants to learn and have a little fun along the way. The winners of the game were able to take home a movie basket. The teams involved all signed the pledge and left with the knowledge of the campaign. On November 2, the organization will hold the National 2 Cents Day event, which will allow students around campus to take a bat to a piñata and help to “break the bank” and build awareness around the debt.


With the help of social media and some old fashion public relations, the student lead campaign has already surpassed their goal of getting 1,500 pledges from students on campus and is currently in 8th place out of 53 schools across the nations, such as Florida State University, Texas State University and Columbia University.

We need to make college students and future generations aware of the national debt. By creating this awareness we can hopefully change the course of the national debt and ultimately create a better future for our nation,” stated Joe Dunay.

The Up to Us campaign will run until December and the students leading the campaign plan to have one last event, on November 9, in an effort to fulfill their pledge of encouraging future leaders of Ohio Northern University aware of the impact they can make in the nations financial future. During the event, participants will have the chance to take the pledge and and join the cause. 

"By signing the pledge, we as a generation are committing to becoming more aware of the national debt crises our future holds and informing policy makers that these issues will no go unnoticed by Millennials," stated Jules Vachon, leader of the Ohio Northern University Up to Us team. 

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