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Coffee House is your VIP pass

Higher administration can seem distant, so take advantage of those rare opportunities to let your voice be heard (photo/Morgan McGlothlin).

That’s why any Ohio Northern University Student should attend tomorrow’s Coffee House hosted by Student Senate at 7pm in the Bear Cave.

Students can get up close and personal with President Dan DiBiasio, discussing issues related to university policy and giving suggestions to improve campus life.

Senate hosted Coffee House last spring, and the turnout was quite impressive. Many students inquired about the possibility of keeping the library open 24/7 while others brought up the increase in tuition. Other students wanted to know if renovations would be made to their respective colleges’ buildings. DiBiasio would provide honest, informative answers to the best of his ability, and issues that needed immediate attention were promised immediate solutions.

Other questions were answered with long-term plans, which isn’t what students want to hear, but let’s be honest, Larger projects require more time and planning...oh, and money.

The chance to bring up ways to improve ONU is huge, so why aren’t more students coming to these events?

Such an opportunity can’t be beaten. And sometimes it’s comforting to know your voice is heard regardless of whether it results in change.

With that said, it’s important to find your passion and raise your voice. Coffee House is for those voices and passions.

It can be a little discouraging to be shot down in front of all your peers, but that shouldn’t stop you from standing up for what you believe. Additionally, you should never feel as though your opinion won’t matter because it does. By talking to the right people and approaching the issue with your best foot forward, change is possible.

Higher administration can seem distant sometimes. It seems as if some people only want the benefits, but then there are some who want to make change for the better. On a small scale, ONU is no different from our national government—a bureaucracy characterized by hierarchy, rules, and responsibilities. If change is going to happen, you have to go through the process and talk to the right people who have the right tools.

But you don’t have to think about the hoops you have to jump through. Coffee House is a VIP pass that ignores the hoops.

To get the most out of Coffee House, you have to participate and be an engaged listener. For one solid hour, you have control over your future. You have the opportunity to let your voice be heard and better the university you attend because you believe in the chances it offers to leave your mark.

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