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"Tuition Hero" award does not reflect reality



Forgive me for being crude, but I don't think that ONU should be called a “Tuition Hero,” at least not in the conventional sense.   Yes, ONU does meet the standards to qualify for that name, according to one institution.  However, students likely consider our university as far from a “hero.” 

Tuition prices, though frozen per the ONU Promise, are still very high.  Most students are only able to attend Ohio Northern due to scholarships and family help.  For those of us relying on the former, scholarships given by ONU were reduced in proportion to the tuition.  Therefore, tuition rates for this year are largely the same as or more than in past years. 

In my case, the ONU Promise did nothing to reduce my tuition.  In fact, I have to pay more money than last year despite the tuition freeze.   I can’t speak for others, but Ohio Northern has done nothing for my finances that I consider heroic. 

This branding as “Tuition Hero” might, however, fool incoming students.  As with any claim on a label, it pays to read the fine print.  Compared to other private universities, ONU may appear to cost less.  However, the reduced financial aid and scholarship award will quickly close that gap. 

The real beneficiaries of the ONU Promise are those who pay the full ticket price of the university, which, I venture to say, are a select few. 

Those of us left outside of this group suffer from the same crushing debt as any other student at a private university. 

So, to any prospective students that are drawn by the label “Tuition Hero,” I would carefully consider my financial options and find a firm reason for attending other than this enticing title.   

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