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Papers, projects, and painting: SPC hosts end-of-semester Holiday Paint Shop

Emily Fergus paints a canvas during SPC Holiday Paint Shop. The event was intended to give students a chance to relax before finals. (Northern Review photo/Emily Richards)

The end of the semester calls for course evaluations, exams, papers, projects, and painting.

The Student Planning Committee (SPC) hosted a paint shop, an event for students to gather and paint various objects as a way to relax before finals. SPC has organized several paint shops in the past, however this year, they decided to try something different by making it holiday-themed.

We had different Christmas crafts, winter-themed things, canvases, jars, all sorts of paint, and little ornaments, so students could come and take a little couple hour study break and de-stress,” said SPC Event Coordinator McKenna Waldroup. “There’s something kind of therapeutic about painting."

Each person received two tickets upon arrival to the Bear Cave and could then deposit those tickets in exchange for holiday items to paint. Waldroup counted 150 tickets by the end of the night but estimated that about 80 students attended the event.

The Bear Cave was so full at one point that Waldroup was concerned that they would run out of seating. She said that she would consider using a larger venue with more tables and chairs in the future but thought that the tighter-knit environment worked well for the students.

“People had to kind of mingle and sit [their] friend group with another friend group, so that was a good thing bringing people together,” said Waldroup.

She noticed that several people were excited about the holiday crafts and believed that the event was successful overall with the new change.

Perhaps part of this success was because the event was determined by popular vote of the student body. SPC sent out a survey to students three weeks prior to the event asking them to vote among options like bingo, “The Price is Right,” trivia night, and of course, paint shop.

Paint shop won the popular vote by a mere three tallies over bingo, which was a close contender for the majority of the time that the survey was open.

“We just want to make sure that students get what they want and what they’re paying for since SPC is funded by the school,” said Waldroup.

SPC began advertising the event once the event was announced, and Waldroup accredits some of the event success to their methods of advertising. They placed a whiteboard outside of WOW Café in addition to the board they usually place in the Macintosh Center on the way to the cafeteria.

These whiteboards are what caught the attention of sophomore marketing major Alex Marsch, who attended the event.

I had a blast at the Holiday Paint Shop,” he said. “I love how they had several craft options."

Waldroup received other positive feedback comments regarding the event, such as that people liked the winter-themed ideas and decorations as well as the overall relaxed environment.

“I think that, generally speaking, the life and culture here at ONU is pretty chill,” said Waldroup. “It is nearing finals time and big papers and projects are due, so I think it was a good event that allowed people to come together and relax.”

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