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What a New Building means for Students

The concept of the new home of the College of Engineering. (photo/Communications and Marketing)

Ohio Northern University is starting construction of a brand-new engineering building. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new building was held earlier this semester, and it is planned to be 105,000 square feet or almost double the size of the old one. The project is set to be completed by 2019.

The hope is that the building will reinforce a collaborative environment in which students can work. Dr. John-David Yoder, the dean of the college of engineering, had this to say about the goal of the building, “I think there is increased space for projects, which is a direct impact on students… there are a lot more spaces that are completely student-focused, so things that are more like lounges and collaboration spaces where people can work outside of a classroom.”

There was a survey conducted early in the planning process that asked what students liked and what they thought needed improvement for the future building. The school also brought students in during the design process to provide input on how the building was coming along. Ways are being discussed of how students can further offer input into the final product of the building.

“The design process is basically complete… But in terms of equipment and how we, what they call ‘program the building…’ There is going to be room for student input,” said Yoder.

The building is not meant for only engineering students. Effort is being put toward getting students who aren’t engineers into the new building and create a new place where students can come and work. Dean Yoder mentioned that “we are going to try and have some events that bring people who aren't necessarily engineers into the building… Hopefully, that will open up opportunities to collaborate with other students.”

The dean also mentioned that he does not see any obstacles going forward because the project is on an aggressive schedule to make it to move-in date. “We stay on schedule,” said Yoder. Classes are planned to begin at the new building in fall semester of 2019.

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