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How Do ONU Students Tackle Finals?

Having an effective studying plan for finals can get you through even the worst exam. (Photo/

It is hard to find an Ohio Northern Student more stressed than during the weeks leading up to finals.​

Many students spend countless hours in the library, only leaving for food or when the lights flicker indicating the closing time. Others take refuge in their dorm rooms staying up until the early hours of the morning or pulling an “all-nighter” to complete that last-minute project.​

Ohio Northern Students know the stresses of finals more than most. We work hard and expect a lot out of our study’s. Tommy Vlasek, a sophomore here at ONU said, “The most stressful part of finals is knowing that so much rides on these exams and projects…that freaks me out.”​

The stress of finals week can be overwhelming if you do not have a schedule set or a plan to tackle the workload in the final weeks of the semester. Cody Clark, a recently declared management major said, “The most stressful part is time management, both before and during the exam. In preparing for the final, I need to make sure I am on task.”

This newspaper went to the Heterick Memorial Library during dead week and asked students who were studying what steps or methods they take when preparing for finals? Given the fact that these are students putting in the effort to go to the library and work, they would likely have a plan of action for finals studying. Here is what they said:

Tommy Vlasek, risk management insurance​

“I do most of my work on my computer so making study guides through Word is a major method I like to use. Having a big packet with everything I need to know really helps me prioritize my work.”​

Abby Brock, public relations and marketing​

“I schedule out days and times to which I devote certain exams…I spend a lot of time in the library.”​

Cody Clark, management​

“I usually read through the notes I have taken in class throughout the semester and try to focus on major points covered. I also go through my past exams, review the types of questions being asked and rework homework problems.”​

Eli A. Underwood, musical theater and communications​

“I do all the work that I do not want to do, first, because I am the most mentally prepared for it and most mindful when doing it. After those things are done, I work toward the work that I look forward to doing. If I am working for a long period of time, I take a break every hour and a half or so to stretch. I will also pick a stress-free time to do studying or project, either before my day starts or on a Saturday morning.”


While finals season is a stressful one here at ONU, there are methods to get studying done efficiently and on time.​

The time spent in the library during dead week and finals week is not without its rewards for ONU students. Many look forward to the break ahead and the opportunity to start fresh during the spring semester.​

Eli Underwood said, “I make a list of things that I want to do over break, anything from visiting the creationism museum and reading to learning how to knit…the most important thing to me is spending time with friends and family, that makes my next semester easier.”​

Studying can be a daunting task to overcome, but thanks to a solid plan of attack, ONU students manage to overcome their finals. They never forget that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, winter break. 

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