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What's in Your Backpack: A Look Into the Language Arts Education Major

The inside of MacKenzie's backpack (photo cred/MacKenzie Sowers).

The inside of MacKenzie's backpack (photo cred/MacKenzie Sowers).

MacKenzie Sowers is a junior Language Arts Education major and is not only balancing school and athletics, but also adding in working on campus.


MacKenzie has a pretty full schedule. She has classes most days 8 am to 11 am but on Tuesdays it is 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The class she is most excited about is British Literature 2 with Dr. Scott. As much as students enjoy their classes, there are some classes that bring about some negative emotions. MacKenzie does not dread any of her classes but she is anxious about some of them. One is Rhetorical Theory which is a high level English theory class, enough to intimidate anyone. The other is Creative Writing.


MacKenzie does not only have academics to worry about. She also plays club volleyball. When asked how she balances that with school, MacKenzie said, “We only practice two days a week at night so it’s not too stressful. Balancing can be hard at times but I try to set time frames to help me get it done.”


She also has two jobs on campus to compete with her time as well. MacKenzie works at the Phonathon and the Mailroom, which she enjoys. “Both jobs are fun and they have their benefits. The mailroom has a lot of people to talk to which makes it fun and during phonathon we play games and I can do my homework.”


MacKenzie expressed excitement and anxiousness about the upcoming semesters. Including Spring 2018, she only has three more semesters of college to go until she graduates. She is trying to balance academics, work and sports while trying to graduate.


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