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'Baby Driver' redefines 'work of art'

"Baby Driver" was released in 2017 and made $175,089,495 World-wide (Graphic/Sony Pictures).

What was the best movie of 2017?

No, it’s not “The Last Jedi.” The movie that I’m calling the “Best Movie of 2017” and one of my all-time favorites is “Baby Driver.”

It was an outstanding work of art. When I say, “work of art,” it’s coming from a guy who would usually watch a movie and go “yeah, that was pretty good.” It’s hard for me to not find enjoyment out of a movie, even if the movie is complete garbage. If it’s a bad movie, I’ll find some way to joke about how bad it was and make my own enjoyment from that. Sometimes, I’ll be critical about a movie and ask myself, “is it even that good,” or “what made it that good?”

With this movie, however, I didn’t do a whole lot of questioning. I kept coming back and watching it over and over because it never got boring.

I’d first like to praise the originality of the plot. Granted, bank robberies and car chases are not exactly original. The movie does not take the perspective of a heist member, but rather the team’s driver. The team’s twenty-something-year-old, sunglass-wearing, introverted driver who has Tinnitus and listens to music that just so happens to be perfectly choreographed to each scene.

Baby, the lead character, is trying to pay off a debt he owes to a high-powered figure named “Doc” played by Kevin Spacey. Noticing Baby’s  exceptional skills  behind the wheel, Doc offers Baby the chance to earn Doc’s money back by working for him. The alternative is Doc “breaking [Baby’s] legs and killing everyone [he] loves.” Baby takes the offer and becomes a getaway-driver for a team of high-leveled thieves.

The conflict arises when Baby develops a love interest for a waitress at a diner named Debra. Baby and  Debra go on a series of dates and quickly  fall for each other. Doc quickly steps in and reminds Baby that even if his debt is paid, Doc owns him and decides that Baby should not see Debra. Baby must now decide if he wants to continue being bossed around or if the couple should make a run for it. It’s a basic formula that’s complemented with unique characters and amazing attention to the details. Every scene has a reason for being there; whether it’s to provide more plot or allow metaphorical thinking of the characters’ actions.

Along with the original plot, the film also has fresh,talented cast.

When I say fresh, I don’t mean they’re unexperienced. I’m mostly referring to the fact that it’s not a Kevin Hart and The Rock type of film. How interesting would this movie be if “Baby” were Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, and/or Ben Affleck? I’m not saying those actors are bad; I’m saying this isn’t their film.

Baby Driver also has a unique roster of vehicles that were used for the car chases. When you think of a Hollywood car chase, you probably imagine expensive sports/supercars dodging traffic and people getting into wrecks all over the place. What cars did Baby use? He kept it simple with a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX, a 2015 Dodge Challenger, and even a 2007 Chevy Avalanche. When’s the last time you saw a film use a pickup truck in a high-speed chase?

My last major point is the music. Each chase scene in the movie, whether car chase or on foot, has an amazingly supportive soundtrack to back it up. In the first scene, we’re introduced to the heist team as they’re preparing to enter a bank. Baby remains in the getaway car as the thieves walk towards the bank.

At this point, Baby is holding a water bottle as a microphone as he performs a lip sync of the 1994 song “Bellbottoms” by The Jon Spencer Blue Explosion. When things start to pick up with the heist, the song follows it with intensified guitar riffs and perfectly timed moments in the film. The song also helps introduce us to Baby’s unique driving style and what makes him so talented. Every song in the film’s soundtrack is perfectly synced with the actions of characters on screen. Every gun shot and every crash is on time with the music presented in the scene.

“Baby Driver” is the greatest film of 2017.

The movie brings an original story to the table followed by a cast of extremely talented actors and actresses. Each scene has so much detail that  will make you want to watch it again and again. If that’s not enough, you’ll probably end up watching it again for the perfect soundtrack and it’s perfect timing in the film’s action scenes.  If you haven’t watched it yet, hopefully this article gave you a reason to see it.

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