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Hi, I’m Elizabeth, the new editor of the Northern Review’s Opinion and Editorials page. I’m asking you to write for us.  It doesn’t matter what your major, year, background or skill set is.  We need a diverse set of writers to reflect the diverse student body. There are no obligations or requirements. All that you need is an opinion!

Look at the Op/Ed page as an open book. I publish what you write. Whether it be about campus elections or the geese in the pond, we want to hear your views! Because this is an opinion page, there is no wrong answer. If you’re not confident about your writing skills, write anyway. The Northern Review staff is here to help. 

So make sure your demographic is represented on our page! Let your voice be heard.  Write an article about your opinion of campus news, world news, politics or anything you think needs to be pointed out. Then, email it to me at  I look forward to hearing from you. 



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Interested in submitting an article for publication on the Northern Review website? Go ahead and fill out this form! Once submitted, a student editor will review your article for publication.

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