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How to get over the winter blues

Freshman Larry Zembower builds a snowman on the Tundra. The winter blues can make anyone feel out of sorts, so take a moment to read some times on how to beat the blues this season (photo/Alexander Dyke).

Winter–the season that brings joy to children on canceled school days but woe to adults that still have to drive on slick roads to get to work. This season can make anyone feel miserable. I’m no different. Here’s a list of tips that I personally use to help beat the winter blues.

  1. Stay warm. Bundle up between classes and on the way to and from work. You’ll feel a lot better when you’re warm. Being cold keeps you miserable. Also, drink hot liquids such as hot chocolate and coffee, and eat warm food.
  2. Hang out with friends. You could play video games and board games, or you can all watch a movie.
  3. Go see a movie. A lot of new movies are released during the beginning of the year. There are also movie streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu where you can see countless movies whenever you want.
  4. Read a book. Reading can give a brief and enjoyable break from reality. It’s stimulating and relaxing. It also leads to better concentration and memory skills, which is helpful in the classroom and at work.
  5. Play video games. Just like reading books, video games can help to distract you from the current wintry situation. Video games boost reflex speed.
  6. Listen to music. Listening to music you enjoy can improve your mood and outlook for the day.
  7. Go outside. You can go out and build a snowman, go sledding, or go to a park. Make the snow fun and enjoyable. There are still many great outdoor activities to do during the winter months.
  8. Get some exercise. It gets your blood flowing and brings your mood up. Exercise also helps with keeping an active lifestyle in general.
  9. Stick to a sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep greatly helps with feeling better. Sleeping until noon on a Saturday may feel good in the moment, but it may really screw up your sleeping schedule in the long run. This leaves you more exhausted. Getting into a good sleeping habit makes you feel more refreshed to tackle the day.
  10. Make your bed. Being organized is a great way to start the day. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  11. Help others. Helping people or volunteering can make you feel better and help improve mental health.

These tips will help make any dreary winter day better. Keeping warm, hanging out with friends, and reading books are all good things to do. Most importantly, they keep your mind off the wintry weather. These can help you, too, feel better and make winter go by easier and faster.

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