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What's in your backpack? A day in the life of a management major.

What is found in Cody Clarks backpack on a daily basis. (Northern Review photo/Karlyn Kirchens)

A management majors backpack is essential to their day-to-day life. Hopping around from class to class this major goes from business writing to statistics, these students have a plethora of items from multiple notebooks to external hard drives, management students are always prepared.

Cody Clark is a sophomore Business Management major from Dayton, Ohio. Clark chose his management major because he enjoys being a leader in his everyday life and he loves to problem solve.

“Being in such a versatile major has taught me to be a better leader in all aspects of my life. To accel in business you have to be the top problem solver and the best at managing your people and resources.”

Clark starts his Monday at 10 a.m. with a slow morning class: Business Analytics. The class brings excitement to finding ways to cater products to specific companies, Clark is pleased with the creative aspects this class brings to his major. His next class is an incredibly important one to all majors on campus, Ethical Leadership.

“It really helps me grow as a person inside the class and outside because it is teaching me to have ethical morals while running a future business,” he commented.

Business majors need to have a background in math to help them further their knowledge, Clark fulfills this with his statistics class. This is one of the more difficult classes so Clark makes sure to pack his calculator and notebooks to take detailed notes. He loves being able to challenge himself in the classroom with this course.

“Business Writing is my final class on Monday and it is one of the classes that tests my skill set since I’m not a writer normally,” Clark explains, “but it has been teaching me new ways of writing in the workplace with press releases and memos.”

Like most students, Clark’s bag is complete with his laptop, a few notebooks, and a bunch of pens. On top of that he keeps some unique items in his backpack that tell more about him as a person. Clark likes to keep water bottles and healthy snacks in his backpack to stay hydrated and have energy throughout his classes. He also is prepared by having a portable hard drive and a laptop charger keeping him ready for anything that will happen in class. Clark is always ready to learn.

A student’s backpack can reveal so much about their life, what does your backpack reveal about yours?


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