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Polaris literary magazine beginning to wrap up this year's edition

Polaris logo (provided by ONU Polaris Magazine)

Ohio Northern’s literary magazine is working hard as the deadline to finish draws nearer. Polaris is an annual undergraduate publication released at the end of each spring semester. The magazine contains published works from nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and art submissions. The date to enter submissions has passed and now is when the challenge for the group begins.

After February, the group is as busy as ever. Each genre is responsible for looking at every submission they have received. This year, there was a surge of participation in the art genre. More artists submitted pieces for this edition than there were last year.  Several unique mediums were seen throughout the submissions. This helped to have a variance of accepted works .These unusual submissions allows for a more diverse and interesting publication. From the submissions, they must make the decision as to what pieces will be accepted into the year’s edition. They must also choose a first and second place winner for each section. First place receives $100 and second place recipients receive $50.

Currently, those selected to be in the publication have been informed. First and second place winners have also been notified. The 2017-2018 article will be released at the beginning of May. Orders for the magazine are being taken now. You can buy one for yourself here. If you missed this year’s deadline to submit your works, you can always submit next year. If you are uninterested in submitting work but interested in Polaris, consider joining the group next semester.

You can be in the group by taking it as a class or simply by showing up and participating in it for fun. Everyone at Ohio Northern University is able to join. You could have a place in the nonfiction, fiction, poetry, or art genre group. If you stay in the group, you could even get a chance to become an editor. The editors are in charge of overseeing their genre group and have the largest say in the submissions selected for the year’s edition. They also have the ultimate word on which pieces get awarded first and second place for their genres.

This year’s co-editors-in-chief have been Kelley Lewis and Marisa Lucas. They will be graduating at the end of this semester, so next in line as the top Polaris co-editors-in-chief will be Sage Caughenbaugh and Dominic Turnea. The group is sorrowful to be finishing this year’s edition and saying goodbye to the current editors-in-chief but are excited to see what adventures the next year will bring.

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