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Conquering spring semester

The Inn at Ohio Northern (Photo/Cody Clark)

The Inn at Ohio Northern (Photo/Cody Clark)

In High School, the last five weeks of school were a godsend. The weather becomes warmer, school gets easier and class is almost over. In comparison, those five weeks at Ohio Northern are the most stressful.

The wind blows harder than ever, due dates and final paper deadlines pile up and class is almost over. Being a college student means being prepared for these weeks though. That is why I'm here to give you 10 tips and tricks to survive the end of spring semester.

I call it “Karlyn’s Declassified School Survival Guide.”

Tip #1: Go to your professors’ office hours with questions. They are there to help you and want you to pass the class. You never know, they may give you some tricks to help get through your next exam!

Tip #2: Be sure to make time for yourself. A small amount of relaxation will do wonders for your mental and physical health. This will keep you ready to do your best in your classes.

Tip #3: Sleep, sleep, sleep. Pulling an all-night study session may seem like the best idea, but without sleep, your brain won’t retain any of the information you tried to learn! With quality time management, you can get all your work done and get 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep a night.

Tip #4: Try taking your paper to the writing center in the library to have it edited. Your peers are there to review your paper and make it even better than it was before, helping you get an A on that next assignment.

Tip #5: Spring semester is the time of the year for scheduling classes. If you are having trouble with class decisions or even have questions about future plans, go to your advisors. They have office hours specifically for you to ask these questions. Don’t be afraid to go to them for help!

Tip #6: Always remember to try to have some fun in between studying and classes. Go to SPC events on campus. They relieve stress and allow you to win some fun prizes!

Tip #7: Mac dining hall can be a hit or miss. Try to eat a balance of fruit and vegetables to keep your body healthy and working to make it through the final weeks strong.

Tip #8: Start getting prepared for your finals earlier than the night before. Studying each subject at least 15 minutes a day for two weeks will help you slowly retain information and not need to cram the night before.

Tip #9: Once it is sunny and warm, spending time on the tundra getting vitamin D from the sun will help you feel happier and allow you to be more relaxed while studying.

Tip #10: Find a quiet and comfortable place to study to get the maximum amount of work done. Areas like the private study nooks in the library or open rooms in the pharmacy building work the best.

Hope these tips help you conquer the rest of your spring semester.


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