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What's in your backpack? A day in the life of a pharmacy major.

Callie Caswells backpack with some of her essentials. (Northern Review photo/ Callie Caswell)

Callie Caswells backpack with some of her essentials. (Northern Review photo/ Callie Caswell)

Callie Caswell is a year two Pharmacy major, life in pharmacy is hectic with balancing classes and extra curriculars together.

All pharmacy majors have a packed schedule. Caswell’s busiest day is Thursdays when she starts at 8 a.m. for a bio science lab that goes until 10:45. Caswell then goes to her theater class from 12-1:15 p.m. Caswell enjoy having a break in-between her labs with a non-science class. It gives her a mental brain to focus on the labs she has. After theater Caswell goes to organic chemistry lab from 3-5:45 p.m. This leaves Caswell with little time to prepare for her Friday classes.

Caswell, along with all of her classes, is the Recruitment vice president for the Panhellenic Council on campus. This position involves planning all of recruitment for Greek life on campus in the fall. When asked how she handles it all, Caswell said, “It is all in the time management. We meet at least 2 times a week to plan so with my schedule I have plan out each day exactly.”

On top of running recruitment, Caswell is heavily involved in both her professional pharmacy fraternity and professional sorority. Kappa Psi helps Caswell stay connected with the other professionals in her class. They work together to hold events to raise money and keep each member held to a high academic standard. Alpha Xi Delta, Caswell’s social sorority, helps her unwind and be with her closest friends at the end of each day. She hopes to hold a position within Alpha Xi Delta after next semester.

Caswell is excited for the end of the semester because her favorite classes start in the fall, Caswell said, “This major is hard but it is rewarding at the end of each semester knowing you are one step closer to the goal. It is worth the stress and pain.”

Caswells backpack is filled with her essentials. Caswell always keeps her chemistry googles, a calculator and multiple textbooks in her backpack to always be prepared.

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