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Students offered early graduation walk

The Office of Academic Affairs has instituted a change in the graduation ceremony procedure.  Until now, the policy for students on walking at graduation was quite specific— the student must qualify for graduation by the end of that semester.  The new policy change allows for leniency, especially for students who will finish in the following summer or fall semester.  If a student is a semester behind schedule, he may still be allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies with his class, provided he meet one of the three qualifications cited.

A student may be permitted to walk at graduation if he or she has six credits or fewer to complete, one internship course worth up to twelve credits or one student teaching course up to twelve credits.  A petition must then be filed with the Dean of that student's college.  In that petition, the student must specify a plan for completing his graduation requirements.  If the plan is approved, then the student will qualify to walk at graduation.

The notice also specified that students will be approved based on their personal circumstances, academic and otherwise.  Achievements and past academic history will be considered along with the student's application.

This new provision makes it much more convenient for late-graduating students, who would otherwise have to wait until the following May to walk at graduation.  This new opportunity, while widely available at other colleges, has now been instituted for the convenience of the ONU student.

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