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Strange precipitation plagues Ohio Northern

A bicycle caught up in a tree after a weekend of bad bike storms. (photo/Northern Review)

A strange phenomenon occurs on the campus of Ohio Northern University. Every once in a while at night, bikes rain from the sky.

The evidence of this peculiar event can be seen across campus. Meteorologists across the nation continue to ponder why this is happening.

Scientists have varying hypotheses to explain this. The first idea is that local storm systems, specifically ones that produce tornadoes, are picking up unchained bicycles and carrying them to other places. Vandals have also been put to blame for this. There are the occasional acts of vandalism towards bikes, but they do not explain all the strange phenomena that happen.

The bizarre precipitation has resulted in strange incidents. Students and staff have reported seeing bicycles in trees, in ponds and, in some rare cases, on top of buildings.

It’s believed that this usually happens at night and during the weekends. What happens is that unchained bikes are picked up by a yet-to-be-known weather phenomenon, are flown across campus, and end up in unusual spots. In some cases, the bikes fall apart in the air and the parts fall to the ground. That results in bike seats and tires ending up in strange places.

An ONU student recorded a bike tire falling from the sky while on her way to class.

You may think that bicycle parts disappear due to some burglar or vandal, but that’s not always the case. One incident resulted in the disappearance of an entire bike rack.  There is no bicycle or bicycle seat black market, which makes people wonder why bikes and bike parts are disappearing. Strange weather is the best explanation.

Physical Plant has had difficulty keeping up with collecting the rogue bikes. It’s very normal to see bikes and bike parts strewn around campus for a few days at a time before it is cleaned up.

This event is different than the typical fire-alarm-pulling campus buffoonery. The sheer strangeness of all of it has both students and staff on campus worried about when the next bike will fall from the sky.

It is best advised that people register their bikes for free with Public Safety In case this happens so bikes can be returned to their owners. Bike locks work great for keeping bikes from disappearing.

From the looks of it, bicycle precipitation will be a part of ONU’s future for years to come.

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