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ONU's student-led organization, Polar Merchandise, serves its community

Members of the Polar Merchandise team pause for a group photo inside the James F. Dicke College of Business Administration. This student ran team is responsible for promoting the abilities of Polar Merchandise. (Polar Merchandise photo/file)

Polar Merchandise is a student-led business located right here on campus at Ohio Northern University. There is a group of students from Ohio Northern who work together to supply materials to not only those on campus, but surrounding communities as well. They supply both promotional items and branded apparel.

Students, faculty, and community members should be aware of Polar Merchandise and the opportunities it provides so they can take advantage of it. Polar Merchandise works with its customers to create the perfect design to meet the exact want of the client.

Junior Bayley Boston is a sales representative for Polar Merchandise. She explains what she brings to the business for potential customers at Ohio Northern, “I promote our products, generate new clients and business, and maintain current customers.”  She summarizes the business in a short excerpt,

Each member of Polar Merchandise plays a special role in upholding the business. Sophomore Claire Orsagos, a graphic design major, works with clients and sales representatives on the designing and touch-ups on logos. Orsagos speaks on the business saying that, “The small team aspect leads to a pretty successful student-run organization.”

This hold true.

Polar Merchandise is the first student-led organization on campus. It works with the branded merchandise supplier, Touchstone Merchandise Group, who partners with larger companies such as Victoria's Secret.

When asked what her favorite project was and why, Claire responded, “My favorite project was probably the bar crawl T-shirts that I did last Spring, especially the ones for the Dicke College of Business Administration. It was so fun to get creative and play around with the design.”

A big project that Polar Merchandise recently worked on was the T-shirts for Siblings Weekend on campus.  

Boston and Orsagos worked together and put forth their skills and ideas to generate a design for the Siblings Weekend T-shirt. Boston adds, “Our idea came to life and was successful as we produced over 300 shirts for the weekend.”

Polar Merchandise is constantly working on new projects and finding the best ways to satisfy the wants of the people. Boston closed the conversation saying, "Being able to work with customers and go back and forth on ideas and designs until the perfect product is produced is what makes being a part of Polar Merchandise so special. The interaction with customers and the constant working at reaching out to potential clients keeps Polar Merchandise an active and successful business." 

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