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What's in your Amazon cart? Shopping sprees with a communications major.

Joe Dunay with his brand new white board and Canon camera. (Northern Review Photo/ Karlyn Kirchens)

Joe Dunay with his brand new white board and Canon camera. (Northern Review Photo/ Karlyn Kirchens)

Someone’s online shopping cart reveals a lot about who they are. Amazon’s carts are the most telling because of the wide variety of products filling the site. Whiteboards, a motivational book, and camera lenses fill the Amazon cart of Joe Dunay, a junior communications and public relations double major at Ohio Northern University.

Dunay is in charge of the photography section for the Northern Review and would’ve never gotten started without a quick amazon purchase of his Canon camera. After completely doing a 180 from being a history education major, Dunay had to find new ways to keep himself organized with all of the new projects coming his way.

Dunay expressed that one of the most important products in his Amazon cart today is a huge whiteboard.

“I want the board so big all of my assignments are directly in my face.”

The giant board will help Dunay keep each idea and task in one place for the Northern Review.

Dunay also purchased a brand new 50mm Canon lens for his camera. He believes that with this lens he’ll be able to grow the quality of his photography for his internship with the Ada Icon. The internship for Dunay is essential in helping him build a portfolio for future employers and he was able to receive the lens within two days.

“Amazon is such a benefit for me because I don’t have the time to shop, especially in Ada, but I really spend way too much money because it’s so simple.”

The most important item Dunay has ever purchased, besides his camera, was a specific book that changed his outlook on life and made him the person he is today. “Influencer” by Joseph Grenny, Kari Patterson, David Maxfield, Ron McMillian and Al Switzler is what changed the way Dunay worked as a leader. It is what he contributes to helping him run all of the projects he is currently leading professionally.

“Influencer changed the way I lead, how I go about working in groups, my work flow, and basically everything I’ve done professionally in the last two months.”

Dunay hopes to keep growing his abilities while becoming an influential student on campus.


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