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What's in your Amazon cart? A musical theater major shops for diverse merchandise

Matthew evaluates his Amazon merchandise. (Northern Review Photo/Christopher Roesner)

Matthew Brightbill's latest assortment of Amazon items consists of five items that are seemingly random and unrelated but are all interconnected upon closer examination. 

Matthew, a musical theater and public relations double major, is preparing his latest Amazon order.

“Whenever have money and I need something, it’s Amazon," Brightbill said. "I have Prime Two-Day Shipping, so I don’t have to wait. It’s the best.” 

His order consists of the following: a three pack of USB adapters, a two pack of white ink pens, an iron-on patch of grapes on a vine, a 60- by 40-inch New York City nighttime skyline tapestry, and a pair of white LED light-up shoes. 

A musical theater major values visual grandeur. Matthew is most looking forward to receiving the light-up shoes, a popular style he was impressed with after having seen them being worn by his musical theater friends. 

“I’m really excited to get the shoes,” he said, “I’ve seen them at parties, and I ask people, ‘Where did you get those?’” He said his friends have purchased theirs on Amazon as well. 

A musical theater major also values having good chemistry with his co-stars on stage.

"The grape patch holds a significance in this way," Brightbill said. "I was in a show called Spring Awakening this summer. My scene partner, who was my romantic interest in the show, had this scene where we had a picnic, and I was eating grapes. He took them out of my hand, and [we] were feeding them to each other.” 

Brightbill said he had already ordered one grape patch, ironed it on a hat, and gave it to his scene partner to commemorate the show. He plans on buying this one to put on a hat for himself. 

Off-stage friendships are important as well for those involved in theater. Matthew is going to purchase the white ink pens to create art related to different musicals. He often gifts these to friends after putting a lot of work into them. 

Finally, it is important a musical theater major is comfortable and happy in his or her living environment. Brightbill said he wants to buy the New York City tapestry and wall chargers.

“I like little things so the apartment looks decorated," he said. “I’m buying the dual-USB wall chargers because I have a lot of things that plug into my apartment, whether it be an oil defuser or a mini electric fan. And I’m buying the tapestry because New York City is the heart of musical theater. I need to have a cute room so I feel like I’m actually at home.”


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