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Glow in the dark pilates with the ONU dance team

Participants with the dance team after pilates. (Northern Review Photo/ Megan Place)

Participants with the dance team after pilates. (Northern Review Photo/ Megan Place)

Ohio Northern’s campus organizations have always been known to hold food fundraisers. ONU's dance team threw in a new twist with their Glow in the Dark Pilates class that they held on September 26th in the Bear Cave to raise funds for new uniforms.The change in setting and fun theme made it an interesting study break for students to attend.

Alexis Mod has been a member of the dance team for the last three years and wants to grow the dance team's presence on campus. “It was something new that hasn’t been done on campus yet, and we thought it would be a great event that students would be interested in!” She said.

The event had Zoe Schilling teaching a P90X version of Pilates that brought on a lot of laughter and groans from the participants attempting the moves. Every participant came covered in glow sticks and clothes that could glow under black light.

Schilling added in a few Zumba songs at the end to get the last bit of energy out of everyone in the room. Kelsey Dorfmeister was excited to go to this event and help support the dance team, “I thought it was a great way to get people involved in working out while having fun with friends. It was unique!"

Co-Captain Megan Place expressed how pleased their entire team was with the turnout of the event.

Glow in the dark pilates is not the only event that the ONU dance team does on campus. Two other events that feature members of the dance team are, the Choregrapher's Showcase and the Holiday Spectacular. Finally, ONU dance team can be seen at men's and women's basketball games.

Alexis Mod explained, “We’re [the dance team] hoping to have a larger presence on campus by getting our name out and creating new and fun events!” Funds from these future events will also go to supporting the Kid’s clinic in the spring.

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