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College of Arts and Sciences unveils portrait of former Dean

Dr. Baumgartner and Dr. Albrecht reveal Dr. Albrecht's portrait in Dukes.

Dr. Baumgartner and Dr. Albrecht reveal Dr. Albrecht's portrait in Dukes.

The Getty College of Arts and Sciences held an event revealing the official portrait of former dean, Dr. Catherine Albrecht, October 3. Dr. Albrecht, who began her tenure as dean of the college in 2009, was the first ever female to fill the role in Ohio Northern University’s history.

The portrait unveiling, which was held in Dukes, hosted a variety of attendees, including faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, students, and Dr. Albrecht’s husband, Michael Romary. Current Getty Dean, Dr. Holly Baumgartner, gave a spoken dedication to Dr. Albrecht, reflecting on her academic legacy at Ohio Northern.

“At Ohio Northern, the graduate law school had a female dean briefly in the late 1980’s. But in ONU’s nearly 150-year history, Dr. Catherine Albrecht is the first female dean of any of the undergraduate colleges. Former interim dean Tina Roepke and I are merely followers in her footsteps along the path she forged for us. Dean Albrecht, who came to us from the University of Baltimore in 2009, led the largest and most diverse college with 17 departments, the ONU nature areas, more than 140 faculty, and more than 1,000 students across 50 majors.”

Dean Baumgartner continued to speak about various programs for success that Dr. Albrecht had implemented in the college throughout her tenure and the fond memories that her colleagues shared with her. One particular memory that those in her office reminisced on was Dr. Albrecht’s choice to host morning staff meetings at Bob Evans, a choice that allowed the dean’s office staff to relax, laugh, and enjoy each other's company while still getting work done.

Then, in a true homage to Dean Albrecht’s legacy on ONU, Dean Baumgartner spoke of the importance of her portrait to young women on campus.

“I’m back and forth on this hallway a dozen times a day, and every time I do, I look up at my predecessors,” she said. “Now, finally, I can look up at this wall—our college heritage—and see her portrait, which says to me, ‘You belong here, too.’ And for our students, it says, ‘Yes, women. Not only do you belong here, but learn and aspire to greatness, whether you are the one thousandth person in your field or the very first to break through that ceiling.’”

Dr. Albrecht, who is still a professor of history at Northern, has spoken highly of her experience as Getty Dean.

“We have a great faculty,” she said, “and we’ve always had a wonderful student body, so just getting to know the faculty and students was the greatest pleasure of the job and is certainly still the thing I value the most.”

Dean Albrecht's portrait can now be found on full display on the second floor of Dukes Memorial Building.

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