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Counseling Center Director stepping down

Counseling Center Director Dr. Michael Schafer is stepping down from his position after 12 years in the position. (Northern Review photo/Alex Dyke)

The Counseling Center has become a great resource for many students at Ohio Northern University. They provide a wide variety of services from treating anxiety and depression to defeating addictions.

Dr. Michael Schafer, who has been the practicing psychologist as well as the director at the Center for the past 12 years, is stepping down from the position effective Dec. 31. He will continue to practice psychology at Professional Psychological Associates  in Lima, Ohio.

Dr. Schafer earned his Bachelor's Degree from Ohio Northern University and his Master's in Education from the University of Dayton. He then graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from The Union Institute in 1995. Before his time at ONU, Dr. Schafer was a partner at Applied Psychological Services from 1996 to 2006. He has experience in dealing with chemical dependency, day-treatment, and inpatient and outpatient settings.

Dr. Schafer leaving will have an impact on the counseling center as it is already understaffed. This has resulted with the counseling center becoming more and more busy.

“I’d always been interested in the helping professions and doing something that would be impactful, and overtime I realized there are many different professions where people can positively influence other people’s lives,” Dr. Schafer said. “I think psychology gives a unique opportunity to do that.”

"I think some people could be upset by this because of how much of an impact Dr. Schafer has had and how difficult it would be for people to get used to having a new counselor," said Ryan Waldschmidt, a third year pharmacy student.

Dr. Schafer’s next chapter will be focusing on full-time private practice and individual counseling for several years before he retires.

“My desire is to devote more of my work life to the individual therapy work, and I think the best place for me to do that is in the private practice setting,” Dr. Schafer said.

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