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Squirrel-rabbit hybrid species found at Ohio Northern

The elusive squabbit scurrying to its on-campus home after snatching and devouring a sandwich from a student. (Northern Review photo/Alex Dyke)

A new species of squirrel has been found at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio. The squirrel, affectionately known as the “squabbit” by students and staff, has been spotted around campus a few times. It is believed that there are two squabbits, one gray squabbit and one black squabbit.

The squabbit has a strange appearance that has given its name. The little creature has the body of a squirrel, but the tail and ears of a rabbit. Some speculate that their appearance is the result of a squirrel losing their tail in some sort of accident, but genetic testing has shown otherwise. It seems that the creature just so happens to be the result of both rabbit and squirrel DNA being spliced together. Since it is known that the Biology Department on campus has been performing genetic research, it is very well a possibility that two of their test subjects have escaped.

The two squabbits have certain capacities beyond just their looks. They are known to have a unique ability. The little critters have an extraordinary ability to jump far distances.  They have been seen jumping between trees, jumping up into trees, and in some instances, jumping out of trees to snatch food from unaware students.

One interesting thing that was found when photographing the black squabbit was that the squabbit has the truly unusual ability to speak. It sounds like a cross between a parrot and Alvin the chipmunk with its squeaky voice. Though the squabbit could speak, the photographer did not have a chance to speak with it. He did however hear the squabbit talking to itself while it was collecting acorns. The gray squabbit declined to be photographed.

The black squabbit was seen storing its acorns in a particularly large tree house that it has built over the course of the past few summers. Most of the tree house is built into the hollow core of a tree. Other squirrels are often seen entering and leaving the tree house, seeing that it is a popular place in the squirrel community.

Ohio Northern University holds a high respect for the squabbits. Both have received honorary Pharmacy degrees due to their medicinal use of acorns to treat squirrel flu.

Both authorities and scientists ask people to not harass the squabbits, as they are a rare species.

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