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Women's Chorus entertains students and parents

Women's Chorus signing Ubi Caritas (Northern Review Photo/Emma Miller)

Women’s chorus is a perfect opportunity for students for all majors to participate in an  outlet that allows them to follow their musical passion.

Women’s chorus held their fall concert in Presser’s recital hall on November 2nd. This chorus is directed by Dr. Christopher Larsen and is comprised of 24 singers. This concert was shorter in nature because the Men’s Chorus did not perform.

This is Dr. Larsen’s first year directing this chorus. He  was previously directing the men’s chorus and continues to direct several other groups in the music department.

The Women’s Chorus is composed of 24 women. There are only four music majors within this group. The rest of the group is comprised of women of many different majors. Whitney Snider, a fourth year pharmacy student and member of this chorus for two years states, said, “We have a wide variety of majors/minors and this helps to make sure that we are a very well-rounded group.”

The role of the director is to select music for the group to sing. Dr. Larsen explained that for this chorus he acts like a sponge listening to lots of music to determine what to have the women sing.

“I select music based on a combination of things. Some is music I have had on hand and just wait till the right opportunity to use it. Some literature are pieces that I did when I directed high school choirs and want to see what it would be like at the college level.”

This performance contained several solos and duets on top of its carefully selected music. Solos and duets are almost always done through an audition process and how the featured singers were selected for this performance.

Having these solos and duets offered a good texture shift and a change in skill set that was being featured. Depth was added to the performance and talent of the group through the featured singers.

Whitney Snider comments on the performance saying, “I think our performance went alright, we struggle a little bit with our songs that are acapella, but I think they all sounded good for the most part.”

Dr. Larsen feels directing is highly rewarding and states, “Anytime you get a group together and aim them at the same direction and same goal, it is a palpable energy.”

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