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Taylor Daniel, "Everyone Can Be An Artist"

Taylor Daniel, a junior Art Education Major at Ohio Northern University stands next to her Christmas Cookie Painting Installation (Northern Review Photo/Joe Dunay)

Taylor Daniel, a junior Art Education Major at Ohio Northern University stands next to her Christmas Cookie Painting Installation (Northern Review Photo/Joe Dunay)

Taylor Daniel is a junior at Ohio Northern University from Columbia City, Indiana. She majors in art education with a concentration in pre-art therapy. Daniel’s interest in art has stemmed from a lifetime of creative expression starting when she was a child.

Daniel recalls being a little kid and always doing something artistic. Whether it was coloring, drawing or painting she was always doing something creative. Her parents and teachers were always supporting her love of art by pushing her to pursue her creative passions.

This creativity has followed her into college and developed along the way.

Daniel always knew she wanted to study art in college, but simply bettering her own artistic skills was not the route she was meant to take. She is studying art so that she can help others find their own creativity.

I am passionate about others finding their own creativity. Not everyone is going to be able to paint or draw but they will find creativity in something.

Taylor Daniel is studying art so that she can better hone her skills to further others’ creativity. She wants her knowledge of art and its different forms of expression to encourage her student’s creativity and artistic interests. She believes everyone should have some means of self-expression.

You don’t have to paint or take pictures to be creative. You can find creativity in fixing cars or landscaping. Anything that allows you to express yourself.

To better help her students, Daniel is gaining experience in as many artistic mediums as she can while she is in school. Her prominent mediums are painting and drawing, specifically watercolor and acrylic painting. However, she is also taking classes with clay and digital photography, among others.

As an art teacher, I need to know every medium so I can help my students find what they love and how they want to express themselves.

Daniel is not only taking classes to better herself, but she is also watching another artist closely to learn how they express their creativity. Her favorite artist is Paige Poppe, a painter located in Arizona who works in watercolor painting. Daniel said she admires Poppe’s work because of her new-age approach when presenting her work on social media. Daniel also admires how Poppe details her process on her social media platforms.

Another thing that Daniel takes influence from is Nature. She loves to paint things from outside and turn them into sprawling landscapes. Daniel said that she likes to find beauty in things that people don't usually think to find inspiration in.

Right now she is working on painting Christmas cookies and cooky cutters. Daniel said these are things that are small but can bring back emotions and memories for people who are looking at them.

Through her inspirations and constant work on her craft, Daniel’s professional art goals and aspirations have taken off.

Daniel said that she has always been interested in art as a business and has capitalized on this interest since she has started college. Daniel started selling her paintings at her hometown farmers market last summer which started her journey as a professional artist.

It is an honor that people would want to support my art and display it in their home.

Taylor Daniel has since started her own artist Instagram account where she models the work and tone of Paige Poppe and has been selling her work on her Etsy store.

The largest project that Daniel has worked on professionally has been a series of murals that she has done in people’s homes. She worked on a family tree mural which took her four days and countless hours of work.

Daniel’s professional pursuits have fostered new goals and aspirations outside of her schooling and eventual teaching plans. She said that her dream art project would be to create a series of paintings with the focus being rearview mirrors. Daniel would want to put landscapes in the mirrors and said that she loves going for long drives and seeing the landscapes of the places she has passed during her trips.

All of Daniel’s studying and honing of her artistic skills have been to show others that you can find creativity in anything.

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