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Maglott freshman Student Senate race ends with Adkins

Maglott Hall (ONU photo)

Maglott Hall (ONU photo)

With the fall semester almost halfway done, freshman student positions have finally been filled. The freshmen have worked very hard to get into these positions and will work even harder to fulfill their responsibilities by representing and helping students on campus.

Among the students elected was a girl named Jordan Adkins, who was elected into Maglott Hall Senate. Her first test was to get 25 signatures by peers who believed she could fulfill the position. Since Jordan was the only one to complete this task, she was the only one officially listed on the ballot. Due to this, three others decided to unofficially run for the position: Sydney White, Maggie Kimmel, and another individual who wasn’t named.

Jordan stated she felt the race went well and that it was "not tough due to the amount of people in Maglott that were interested in being involved, though for other halls it was extremely tough.” There were more people running for a position in other halls than there were in Maglott.

“I was very confident in my chance of winning because even before the election, during the time of the petition, I took the initiative to not get 25 signatures but 52, and also during election time Sydney and I went door to door of all of Maglott to let everyone know that we were running,” Jordan said.

Now that she’s been elected, her duties consist of attending general assembly meetings every Wednesday along with actively communicating with constituents (students living within Maglott Hall).

She also has to hold at least one office hour per week where students can visit her in her room and address their concerns, discuss weekly talking points, post surveys and polls, and voice students’ views and opinions. Jordan also has to hold a hall council meeting once a month, give hall council reports at general assembly, be an active member of the housing committee and represent the hall in the best way possible. 

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