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Students feel inspired after ONU Leadership Day

Drew Ickles and Sabrina Sumner stand with keynote speaker, Karim Ellis, after his motivational speech to ONU students. (Panhellenic Council photo/ Karlyn Kirchens)

Drew Ickles and Sabrina Sumner stand with keynote speaker, Karim Ellis, after his motivational speech to ONU students. (Panhellenic Council photo/ Karlyn Kirchens)

Ohio Northern University students were given the chance to attend a one-day leadership seminar Nov. 2, helping students learn how to go from “mess to success”. With the help of professors and Karim Ellis, a professional speaker, students were able to become more prepared for final exams and their futures after graduation.

The event was put on by Sabrina Sumner and Drew Ickles of the Panhellenic Council (PHC) and Interfraternity Council (IFC). Although this was a Greek life funded event, any and all students were welcome to attend.

The two were very pleased with the attendance of 72 students.

“Considering it was a cold Saturday morning, I was definitely pleased with this amount,” Sabrina Sumner said.

PHC and IFC continue to sponsor these leadership seminars each year. “Mess to Success” was the most successful leadership event put on by both groups in the past few years.

“The topics that were thought to be of most help centered around the idea of being a more put together adult,” Sumner said. “Being a college student myself, I know it’s easy to feel like a hot mess from time to time – which can be daunting if you’re approaching your graduation date. This day is traditionally all about learning how to be a better leader, so why not also learn how to be a better overall person as well?”

The day consisted of three 30-minute breakout sessions and a 2-hour keynote at the end of the day. The end keynote was given by Karim Ellis, a professional motivational speaker focused on leadership.

Ellis was a positive speaker for the students, he focused on taking advantage of the moment at hand and working towards personal dreams. He motivated students through oversized candy prizes and even money.

Kelsey Dorfmeister felt motivated and ready for the rest of the year after the leadership seminar.

“Having an educational event so early on a Saturday makes it hard to go," she said, "but after learning everything I did, I feel like I can conquer the rest of my college years, and I am really happy I went.”

Sumner shared her hopes for the future years of the leadership seminar.

“My hopes for next year’s Leadership Day is to overall increase participation," she said. "With about 3,000 undergraduate students on ONU’s campus it’s a day that many may be unaware of.”

It’s a day filled with unlimited potential, and I think anyone who attends gains knowledge and tools to become a better leader and overall better person.”  - Sabrina Sumner


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