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What is Happening Around Us?

World Map

Because of the busy schedules everyone has, it is easy to get caught up in the life directly around you. In the case that you find a few minutes of free time it is good to take a step back and realize how big the world we live in actually is! Below I have included a few key global events happening this week. All you have to do is read! 


Latin America

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, the government of the Bahamas has listed 2,500 people as missing. The overall death toll is expected to rise over 50 and thousands of residents are in need of aid. Bahamas was hit hard as Hurricane Dorian recorded the highest winds ever. 



A six-time Olympic gold medalist is starting a campaign for children in Bristol. The olympian wants parents to advocate for regularly shutting down local streets so children can play outside safely. The main goal is to ̈normalise ̈ playing outside on a regular basis.  


United States 

Jeff Bezos, well known around the U.S. for his involvement with Amazon, has recently promised action towards climate change. He has pledged to make the company carbon neutral by ordering 100,000 electric delivery vehicles which will begin use in 2021. In addition, Amazon will be investing $100 million into forests and wetlands.

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