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College is not like the movies.

National Lampoon's Animal House movie poster. (Photo/National Lampoon Inc.)

National Lampoon's Animal House movie poster. (Photo/National Lampoon Inc.)

College is often depicted in many different ways through all kinds of movies. Movies like the Neighbors, House Bunny, Animal House, even Monsters University show this wild experience of college where you have to find a group of friends quickly or you’re an outsider for life. The movies show that class doesn’t really matter and the social experiences do, or that greek life is bad. These are all insane stereotypes that invade the mind of prospective college students and scare them into going one direction or another. 

As a college senior, I look back on my younger-self and realize  that my expectation entering college was that everything was always wild, I’d never spend a day sober, and classes were easier than ever. Let me tell you four years later—none of this is true.

The movie depiction of college is like a fever dream of what could have happened but never did. Over the last four years I have attended almost every class because I wanted to, I don't party every single day and my classes are really hard. On top of all this you’ll join many organizations and hold multiple positions and enjoy all the social aspects of college.

Greek life is a big deal in these movies. As a greek member at ONU, I can attest to the fact we focus more on our philanthropies and academics then we do parties on the weekend. Every single organization focuses on student growth and professional development.

It can really be a shock going into college your freshman year and expecting a movie as your experience when college is actually a big step towards adulthood and doesn’t follow the movie drama in any way. There are still fun things to do on campus, and certain things may seem like a movie. But it is important to come onto campus with an open mind and your own expectations.


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