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Northern Review Athlete of the Week

Freshman Anna Niemeyer competes for a ball for the ONU women's soccer team on Saturday.

Freshman Anna Niemeyer competes for a ball for the ONU women's soccer team on Saturday.

Not everyone can step up on a big stage as a freshman in college, but this week’s honor of athlete of the week goes to one special freshman, Anna Niemeyer of the ONU women’s soccer team. Anna has earned this week's Northern Review Athlete of the Week.

Anna and her team were facing off against the #8 ranked Spartans from Thomas More College on Saturday here in Ada.  With the score being empty more than 20 minutes into the contest, some life came to Kerscher Stadium in the 25th minute. There was a deflected ball inside the 18 yard box, coming into reach of the young lady polar bear, but the pressure did not deter her. She stepped up and gave a kick of her left leg, and saw the ball soar into the left corner of the net. “Nicole Berry was taking a free kick for us and her kick went over most of the defenders and then bounced right in front of Thomas More’s center back and actually ended up bouncing over her head. So I ran in on it and ended up hitting it with left and it ended up going into the top left corner of the goal!” said Niemeyer on her 3rd career goal as true freshman for the Polar Bears.

Anna had one heck of a performance on Saturday, and such a special performance from a young weapon like Niemeyer shows that her skills have gotten sharper, but she mentioned that she has become a better player due to one thing- her remarkable teammates. She said, “The support from my teammates has definitely been what has made me better. No matter what, they are always there cheering for me and encouraging me to do my best. It is a great feeling being able to step out onto a field knowing I have such incredible teammates beside me, they really give me something to play for”. One must really appreciate the class act in Anna, showing that there really is no “I” in “Team”.

Anna and her clutch goal on Saturday earned her this week’s Athlete of the Week for the Northern Review, and Anna as well as the women’s soccer team deserve to get a little love from their fellow Polar Bears. 

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