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Ada Public Library receives ONU student's art

The Ada Public Library's Reading Room features prints from art student Abby Brown. (Northern Review photo/Ashlee McDonnell)

Senior advertising design major Abby Brown took two of her passions, art and literature, and created an art piece based on the letters of the alphabet to portray a single subject, which is now a staple in the Ada Public Library’s Reading Room.  

Brown’s artwork being a part of the Ada library has been a chance for Ohio Northern University's art department not only to get exposure, but also to give back to the Ada community. While the art department has only a select number of ways they can directly donate to the village, the prints are a personal touch and a great staple for the university to the community.

Associate professor of art, Melissa Eddings, encouraged her art students to work on a special art project last spring. 

"Melissa told us to gather inspiration from our passions and hobbies, so I chose authors, characters, and themes from classic literature,” says Brown. She was then chosen to have her prints displayed in the library. “Melissa is on the board for the Ada Public Library. I believe the library was redecorating their front room, and she may have suggested my pieces. I was more than happy to donate a set of my prints, and I'm honored that my work is a part of the Ada community."

“It's the first piece I've ever had installed permanently. I've had pieces displayed in the Wilson Gallery of Art at ONU, but they were all for temporary shows,” Brown shares. The prints are a great addition to the library and were highly exalted by the staff at the Ada Public Library.  

According to Brown, she has plans to graduate this spring and find a job that allows her to travel and explore the world.

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