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Is a cold Super Bowl a good thing?

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MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. is not indoors. The Super Bowl is held in February. This does not make for a pleasurable outdoor football game, that is with good weather.

In the spirit of fair play, you would want a game without the elements to give both teams an equal chance to run their offense and win the game their own way. With this year's edition being outdoors, it plays a huge role is decreasing a team like the Broncos' chances of effectively running their passing attack.

I'm not saying that the temperature will be below zero like we are accustomed to seeing on campus, but I am saying that if it snows or the weather is a factor, the 'best' team may not really win, which is what the whole playoff process, and eventual Super Bowl, is all about, right?

I am one of the many that is not on board with the move outdoors in 2014 to play the big game. 

What the NFL should be concerned about is not making a spectacle of an outdoor Super Bowl, but making the game fair for both teams. We have never seen a Super Bowl with weather that is projected for this one, with freezing temperatures and such. Most Super Bowls have been played in either warm weather places, if outdoors, or just eliminating the weather all together and playing the game indoors, like last season in New Orleans.

If we remember earlier this NFL season to a game that was exciting, but would not exactly make for a good Super Bowl. The Lions took on the Eagles in Philadelphia on Dec. 8 in Philadelphia where it had gotten down to about ten degrees with around six inches of snow, and that was before the game. During the entirety of the contest, snow continued to fall and make for a game that was unlike anything I had ever seen. Was it exciting, yes, but was it effective in determining the better team, not necessarily. 

What I am trying to say is that with the nearly unlimited amount of uncontrollable variables involved with cold weather and the projected forecast for the big game, the NFL needs to rethink its strategy of putting these big games outdoors in the future. 

I would hate to see a team like the Seahawks win, for example, because they are better at running the ball than the Broncos.

What will be for sure is that the Super Bowl will be played in the New York City area on Feb. 2, and it will be cold.

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