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What is Happening Around Us?

Nov 11, 2019 - Comments: 0

Are you up to date with current events around the world this week? If not, I have you covered! Specifically, intriguing events are happening in the United States, South Africa and the world as a whole. All you have to do is read! 


United States of America 

Voting is Important, Even for College Students

Nov 05, 2019 - Comments: 0

Today is Election day. 

It is a day where citizens of the United States get to express their democratic rights and vote for those that will govern our local, state and national governments. While today’s election is not a presidential primary or general election, it is just as important. 

Casting your ballot today allows you to make your mark on the local community. 

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Debates with Passion

Oct 31, 2019
Pete Buttigieg debates on the stage at Otterbein University on Tuesday Oct. 15. (Photo Credit: CNN & New York Times)

South Bend Mayor and Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg took the debate stage Nov. 15 with passion and fire. Buttigieg has been cited a winner of the CNN and the New York Times sponsored debate, in Westerville, Ohio. 

According to Nate Silver for FiveThirtyEight, Buttigieg was polling at 5.1% prior to taking the stage at Otterbein University, putting him in fourth place out of the twelve candidates. After Tuesday’s performance, Buttigieg is ranked third in Iowa behind Biden and Warren, an important state in determining the democratic nominee. 

What is Happening Around Us?

Oct 29, 2019 - Comments: 0

What is happening around us this week? I am here to catch you up on everything you may have missed in the news! Right now, there are events happening in places like Asia and our own United States of America. All you have to do is read! 



Netflix's 'Unbelievable' will leave you shocked and empowered

Oct 10, 2019 - Comments: 0

Netflix’s recently released limited series “Unbelievable” is a powerful and eye-opening docudrama based on the true story of one of law enforcement’s biggest mistakes. The story begins when Marie Adler (played by Kaitlyn Denver), an 18-year-old former foster child in transitional housing, reports being raped by a masked intruder. 

What is Happening Around Us?

Oct 07, 2019 - Comments: 0

It is time to catch up on what is going on in the world around us! Just because we may not see things happen directly does not mean there are no important events going on this week. For example, you may have missed events in places such as Australia, Sweden and Antarctica. All you have to do is read! 



What is Happening Around Us?

Sep 24, 2019 - Comments: 0

Because of the busy schedules everyone has, it is easy to get caught up in the life directly around you. In the case that you find a few minutes of free time it is good to take a step back and realize how big the world we live in actually is! Below I have included a few key global events happening this week. All you have to do is read! 


Latin America

Addressing the Parking Situation

Sep 17, 2019 - Comments: 0

Every year, new students face the same problem: trying to find the correct place to park. This is a question that new students ask every year and why we have the color system. But if you think that parking doesn’t remain a problem for older students, you’re very misinformed.

Karlyn Kares - Eating healthy in the dining hall

May 08, 2019 - Comments: 0
McIntosh dining hall is a great place for students to get a quick meal and socialize. (photo/Trevor Jones)

Dining hall food is one-of-a-kind. Dining halls have a wide variety of every food genre you could dream of. This is a great thing to have since many students are eating there about twice a day. It is a very delicious and convenient way to eat.

For a freshman, it can be hard not to come into the dining hall and eat pasta or pizza for every meal. Add on top of it the dessert bar and the soda machines. This is a recipe for bad health when sustained for long periods of time.

Karlyn Kares - Keeping up with summer classes

May 08, 2019 - Comments: 0
Keeping up with summer classes can be difficult with all the distractions the warm months bring. (photo/Juraj Varga)

Most students have to take summer classes. It can be an important thing for students so they can still graduate after four years. Summer classes are also usually slightly less of a workload because they are shorter.

Among the many positives of summer classes, the one negative is not remembering to stay on top of your work. It can be easy to get behind because of all the other events and vacations that happen during the summer. I’m here to share a few tips that will help you stay on top of your summer work.

Put it on a calendar


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