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Joey Ferraro

Oscar-nominee "Selma" has unique connection to ONU

Jan 19, 2015 - Comments: 0

Oscar-nominee "Selma" offers an extraordinary look into the struggles and triumphs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The campus of Ohio Northern University reflects on the history of the civil rights activist while remembering the powerful speech King delivered in Ada, Ohio on Jan. 11, 1968. 

ONU Networks Unable to Handle "Destiny"

Sep 10, 2014 - Comments: 0
"Destiny," the highly anticipated new video game from "Halo"-developed Bungie, has caused headaches on college campuses nation-wide (Photo/

ONU has been experiencing network trouble attempting to accommodate the release of the highly anticipated video game Destiny. The problem is not isolated to ONU, but is a nation-wide problem for college students. 

Ferraro finds Baroness' album Yellow/Green impressive

Apr 15, 2014

We really don’t know what we mean when we discuss metal. We certainly understand what we’re talking about – it’s pretty impossible to hear the "Hit the Lights" intro and not make the devil horns – but the genre, as a sub-genre of rock and roll itself, is so fragmented and divided that it’s ludicrous to assume anyone really has a handle on the definite difference between speed and thrash metal.

Critics choice: 'Whenever, if Ever' shows vision

Apr 09, 2014

Starting this week, I will be writing a review of an album that I believe has been ignored, critically or commercially, in an effort not to only reinforce my own understanding of the experiential and beautifully abstract nature of music (read: the unlistable features), but hopefully to expand the same feelings with you as readers.


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